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Six4one 06/29/2011 06:34 AM

Engine Swap
Anyone willing to do an engine swap for me? If so PM me your price in order to do so. Car would be Integra LS. Just another LS into it.

H22APWRD94 06/29/2011 02:17 PM

Re: Engine Swap
Location? What year vehicle? A/C, PS? Auto or manual? What happened to the vehicle that it needs a swap? Have you done any work on it before? Any broken suspension bolts or other issues that we should know about?

Six4one 06/29/2011 09:56 PM

Re: Engine Swap
just take the ac ps and cc off the old engine nothings wrong with it just high miles so i want a lower mile engine put in

H22APWRD94 06/30/2011 12:18 AM

Re: Engine Swap
I understand what I am doing, I am just wondering that if I chose to do this, what I would be getting myself in to. You didn't answer where you are located. Or what year the vehicle is. All information that I would honestly like to know before deciding whether or not I would want to do the job and give you a price to do it. Sorry, just being honest, I have walked into some stuff that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

Six4one 06/30/2011 03:39 AM

Re: Engine Swap
1995 Integra, and i'm located in Oskaloosa, Iowa but i'm willing to go to Des Moines I'm pretty sure i found someone to do the job though.. I appreciate your offer though thanks.

H22APWRD94 06/30/2011 09:49 AM

Re: Engine Swap
Not a problem. Good luck with everything, hope it all goes well.

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