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junkyard 07/10/2011 11:17 PM

RE: DIY Carpet
Sorry about the last post Joe. I was way to busy to take pictures and upload. then everyone jacked my thread haha.

Painted my rims wrinkle black as well. the white gets to dirty from break dust.

Used note cards all the way around and then sprayed front and backs.

Only picture of my car before the carpet i could find.

You can see right here i haven't really tucked it. I cut it a little too short in the width.


All in all i like it alot. Looks alot better then just sound deadening and metal. I was going to spray paint my floor wrinkle black but it seemed like too much work trying to cover everything up so i wouldn't get paint on everything.

I went to menards and they had some cheap carpet and some indoor out door stuff. It was about $15 and then i got some blades and a carpet knife. I used double sided carpet tape up front and nothing in the back. I didnt want to use 3M adhesive spray just incase i wanted to re do it later or someone else wanted to do a better job if i sold my car.

took some mesurments of my car and went to work in the basement. took it all out to the car and made a few adjustments and bam..good to go.

The front looks good but the back is alright. It was kind of a bitch cutting out the section for the e brake. I couldnt get my back seat to come loose with out breaking anything so i tried tucking it under there the best i could. I started to get upset so this is fine with me.

Ive also re painted most my trim aka all the black around the windows. Will be fixing the surface rust soon. small stuff here and there. Ill post more pictures soon. tell next time, peace bitchesss.

LowNsloEJ6 07/11/2011 01:40 AM

Re: DIY Carpet
Wow that actually looks good

dalawoi 07/11/2011 02:07 AM

Re: DIY Carpet
looks really good :thumbsup: defiantly worth the money there

junkyard 07/11/2011 08:18 PM

Re: DIY Carpet
yeah it looks alright. Everything looks better in photos ya know. If i redo it, It would turn out alot better.

ed4godess 10/12/2011 10:18 PM

Re: DIY Carpet
damn good job :thumbsup: look a ton better than my diy.

TEQ? 11/07/2011 01:46 PM

Re: DIY Carpet
Did that carpet lay down pretty well and mold to everything easily?

junkyard 12/27/2011 02:27 PM

Re: DIY Carpet

Originally Posted by TEQ? (Post 257938)
Did that carpet lay down pretty well and mold to everything easily?

It's thin so yeah it laid down real nice and I used double sided carpet tape. I tried compensating the extra length for molding it. I would recommend this simple and easy fix to anyone. The reason I used double sided carpet tape is because I have never tried this before.
That way I or the next owner can remove and redo if wanted or needs with out all that Nast carpet glue. It cost like 20 bucks to do as well.

wilson091 01/03/2012 08:50 PM

Re: DIY Carpet
shit 20$ i may do that in my del sol this summer, would love brand new carpet.
looks great:cheers:

junkyard 02/13/2012 03:35 PM

Re: DIY Carpet
Thanks, it's worth a try. Bette then paying 200-300 for oem molded carpet. Unless you can get it from a salvage yard.

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