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boostedbrick 03/27/2014 08:19 AM

Probably one of the only volvos...
i have a volvo s80 2.5 turbo awd. havent done any super big mods on it yet but an ecu tune, lightweight pulleys, blow off valve, 1" drop for the rear, and injectors are on the list next. the rest of the mods are astetic or in my sig. heres a few pics:

JDM_GsR_515 03/31/2014 09:48 AM

Re: Probably one of the only volvos...
Nice ride; I like black on black. I've been intrigued by Volvo's in the past just haven't spent the time to learn the details.

What's the stock specs?

boostedbrick 04/01/2014 07:31 AM

Thanks. I'm assuming u mean HP and 0-60 and stuff.

208 HP 236 ft-lbs 0-60 7.5s 1/4 15.6 @90ish.
Its a 2.5 L inline 5 cylinder low pressure turbo running 8 psi.
Its an extremely easy platform to get large amounts of HP but the S80 has a very low amount of support in the ascetics/suspension department. There is a pretty big following of the 200 series 850s and s60s though. I think the S80 is a much better looking car than those though.

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