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zoomfreakinzoom 11/29/2010 01:22 PM

mazdaspeed6 owner
any ms6 owners in dsm here?

Tronspeed3 11/29/2010 04:18 PM

Re: mazdaspeed6 owner
I have a Mazdaspeed 3... same motor as the MS6. I've seen a couple MS6's around town, and there's a guy on the mazdas247 forum from des moines with a red one.

blacksheep 11/30/2010 03:50 PM

Re: mazdaspeed6 owner

Originally Posted by zoomfreakinzoom (Post 204871)
any ms6 owners in dsm here?

I had one briefly and sold it...

Phish 12/09/2010 01:02 PM

Re: mazdaspeed6 owner
^ Imangine that :-)

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