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rysbrnr 05/21/2015 07:29 AM

Acura Integra GSR 4 door sedan , white/black
Asking/Offering Price: $3900
Year: 94
Make: Acura
Model: Integra GSR
Mileage: 240k on body ~125k on drivetrain
Title Status: clean/clear
Color Exterior/Interior: white/black
Transmission: 5-spd manual
Drivetrain: 1.8L DOHC VTEC

I have way too many car projects going on. I've had this car for about 7 years and have put a LOT of time into restoring it.

Selling a 94 Integra GSR. runs and drives great, brand new timing belt, accessory belts and water pump about 8k miles ago. Everything works. It's pretty much stock as far as mods go. It only has a Clutch Masters stg 1 clutch, H&R springs, BLOX LCA's and a rare Rev Hard single runner intake manifold. Has Honda cancer on the rear quarters, BUT I'm including a pair of OEM Honda rust-free quarter panels.... these are VERY VERY hard to find as parts.

The whole entire car is fully updated with 2000 Integra parts everywhere...not just the front and rear bumpers.. I mean EVERYTHING.
-tail lights (all red, no amber turns)
-trunk lid
-doors and windows
-even the side view mirrors
-I even have the 2000 Integra rear glass that has the integrated FM antenna built into the glass so you can shave the mast antenna

The whole entire interior is ALL from a 2000 Integra, literally EVERYTHING but the steering wheel airbag.
-door panels
-floor mats
-all seat belts and even the rear decklid safety hooks for a child seats (the pre 1997 models did not have this.

I drive this car everyday on my 120 daily commute, I would trust this thing to drive anywhere. It recently developed signs of worn differential bearings but that can be changed without removing the trans. I will include a SPARE GSR transmission if i get my full asking price. Car will be sold with GSR fat fives and not the Blades as shown

The buyer will get a bunch of spare parts also if they want
-pre-97 front bumper
-pre-97 head lights
-pre-97 tail lights
-moonroof assembly
-GSR front calipers
-master brake cylinder
-the 2000 rear glass
-passenger front door
-old Tokico struts with Skunk Coilover sleeves
-a large box full of my Honda parts I've amassed over the years
-Spare axle-back muffler

$3900 for everything.

white95ex 07/03/2015 02:56 PM

Re: Acura Integra GSR 4 door sedan , white/black
why can i not get ahold of this dude

rysbrnr 07/07/2015 02:58 PM

Re: Acura Integra GSR 4 door sedan , white/black

Originally Posted by white95ex (Post 330834)
why can i not get a hold of this dude

Sorry, I haven't logged into the site for a while and I didn't see any notifications sent to my email even though I have that option enabled. I sent you a PM.

Whatshisface 10/21/2016 05:26 PM

Re: Acura Integra GSR 4 door sedan , white/black
Give me a call as soon as you can at 8165904787 really would like to talk 2 you about this $ is possible.

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