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Msg FAQ: Car Won't Start/No Spark/Etc

(From experience and from what others say)

It cranks but, no spark?

Fuses - First things first, check all fuses to see possible blown ones. If so, replace them with right amp fuses.

Distributor - Your distributor may be out. Or some of its internals such as coils, ignitor, etc may be out. Best to get the same distributor somewhere and try it on your motor to test if yours was bad. If so, replace it or fix internals.

Spark plugs & wires - Spark plugs may be worn. Try new or known working spark plugs. Check wires with a multimeter for proper voltage.

Ground - One of the main problem. Make sure your motor is well grounded all around, especially by the thermostat housing!

more to come....please add some more!

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