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Default Re: POWERcruise 2012 @ BIR mn - pictures

Some of the MAP guys working on their cars.

Croy double checking his brakes
Broke a few exhaust studs and shredded alternator belt, but nothing major

Whitey’s LS Silverado
This truck move!
I think 570whp or something …
Was leaking some diff fluid driving it hard, but easy fix.

Kyle’s LS FD
Changing out defective re-man alternator

My pads where shot after a 10 laps (same pads as when I bough the car 10yrs ago).
Luckly my wife came up on Friday night to drop off some Hawk pads.

Jordan’s Insight

Running open hood on 2nd day cause temps were getting pretty hot.

Jordan taking the EF out for a test drive…..

More pictures later


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