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Default POWERcruise 2012 @ BIR mn - pictures

**** will add more photo's later ***

I just wanted to share some pictures from the 2nd annual Power Cruise event held in BIR.

I was looking forward this event since I missed it last year & my civic wasn’t ready for Proving Grounds this year. I was excited to see how my civic would handle on the course compared to other cars.

I logged about 80 miles of hard racing and most importantly seat time.
I liked the fact that you can enter & exit the course anytime & also being allowed to bring passengers.

It was great experience racing with a lot of different cars from imports to domestics.
For paying $60 you can race your car in any events over 3 days.

I only took a few pictures of the cars near/around the MAP tent... so there were a lot of nice cars.

Miss Power Cruise contestants…


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