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Default Re: Rob's 240 drift build

Originally Posted by liquidus View Post
And that's how it sits today, I'm going to hopefully have the kit painted this week, then I need to weld my diff and have someone cut out my cat hump and put in a flat piece of metal so I can re-mount my racing seat.

My steering wheel is on it's way and I'm wiring up my guages. I'm hoping to get it done in time for the Midwest All-Star Bash the last weekend in May, but that will be close. I'll definitely have it ready for the rest of the drift season. I plan on attending all the remaining Drift Indy, Midwest Drifting Union, and ClubFR events.
Definitely one very involved and well done build......glad to see someone not just do all the work to show it off. Form and Function is where this car is at.......keep up the great work and take PLENTY of videos and pics on all events you attend with it. Just make sure like anything don't rush through it all to get to an'll miss stuff if you rush.

You should stop in at our Ziebart meet here in Des Moines on May 5th at 6:30pm.....would be great to see it there even if it isn't done all the way but is driveable!!


come check us out..............
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