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Default Re: 98 accord Help!

you can go two routes with this.

1. replace the brake switch, it's on the brake pedal, and see if that resolves it. I don't think a brake switch should make noise. I've never heard one in my 99 Accord or my 06 Accord.

2. check to make sure the bulbs are good. Then check for power to the bulbs. Make sure ALL the bulbs work.

I doubt there's any connection between the brake job and the brake lights not working.

As for your soft pedal. when the brakes were done did you/they disconnect any brake lines? BTW you do not need to disconnect any brake lines to do a standard brake job. If so, then bleed the brakes.

I believe those types of calipers are twist in piston (as per Mitchell One these are twist in) and if the caliper piston is pushed in then it's possible the caliper was damaged.

I also think there are two grooves in the caliper piston and one needs to line up with a notch/lip on the brake pad. If it isn't it could cause noise and the brakes to not correctly seat against the rotor. So in other words, the brake pad will move around too much.

Check the brake fluid level. In fact, check the brake lines for any leaks. If all that is good then it's most likely master cylinder. Going too long in need of a brake job can cause damage to the master cylinder.


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