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With plans to enter in the Midwest Drift Union series next year (Formula Drift Pro/AM here in the midwest) I decided it was about time to start taking things seriously. So I hit up my buddy Joe Rosenberger (Street Racer Joe as I call him) from 515 Customs and asked about doing a cage. I received a copy of the Rule book from Formula Drift staff and had looked over the specs on cage requirements. In order to tandem drift (drift with another car) you are required to have door bars, which is something I don't have. I also learned more about this and found out that the cage has to be welded in cannot be a bolt in cage. At first I didn't think much of this, just add the door bars to what I currently have and weld mine in...then I found out that the style half cage I have isn't legal due to the rear support beams not being one peace and the angle support not being welded to the harness bar portion.

So I'm gonna bite the bullet and have a full cage done. This made me quickly realize something...The roll bar is going to be in the way of the stock seat belt, which means for the passenger I'm going to have to get a harness, on top of that I'm not going to use a stock seat with a harness so I had to fork over some more money and buy a passenger seat.

As you'll see the passenger seat I went with is a Sparco Evo II Plus. Which isn't the same the driver seat (Sparco Evo). I did this for 2 reasons. 1 I couldn't find an original Evo seat that matches my driver seat, and 2 I figured it would be a good idea to get a wider seat so you don't have to be a skinny bitch to ride in my car.

Anyway on to the pics.

For rails/brackets I went with the same option as my driver seat. Bride rails which you have to put together...and the instructions are in japanese...luckly I already had one in the car so it was simple to figure out.

And after a good hour of working on it, the seat was installed.

Also I stopped at Gabe's recently and had a nice little carbonfiber vent cover made for me. I don't have it on the car yet, but here's a pic of the test fit. I'll most likely be mounting my air/fuel ratio gauge there so I'll have to cut a hole in it before I go about the perma install.

Now, I wait. My AEM EMS hasn't showed up yet, but will be here soon along withe the Innovate MTX-L wideband.

I'll have another update on the car next week as Joe is going to start on the cage Friday and should have it done by next week.


Damn that's a good lookin' pixel car ;)
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