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Alright boys andgirls today I figured I'd start my day off with a somewhat "simple" install for all you new proud owners of the loved and hated 2012 9th Gen Civic platform.

I decided to do this to showcase the ease of the new platform along with any issues that may come along when doing your own suspension on these. Our victim today will be Trung (Trung_Ej8_#579) here at the city who is the owner of a 2012 civic and wanted us to install a set of Eibach springs from an 8th Gen civic.

Now, lucky for us people are always willing to do a little research before stopping in and Trung did his homework on this setup. Before going out and purchasing this Eibach setup and slamming it in there you'll need to make sure that you obtain two key components that will make it possible for the REAR springs to fit properly. I will show you all what I'm talking about and you'll likely need to get a hold of Trung here on jdmcity to get info on where to obtain them etc. The Eibach springs you can most certainly obtain locally through JB Autosports (which will help you also if you buy from them and go through us here for your labor discount)....for more details get on our site......

So, just like any sexual encounter with a potential partner......I decided to start the civic off from the rear (sorry, early morning humor). Anyone attempting this on their own can pretty much start up in the front or whatever makes them happy. As usual make sure to support the vehicle on jackstands or any other hoisting source (is hoisting even a word?? lol sounds weird) the general removal of wheels, get yourself a pop or beer and get ready to lower this thing!

((((((WARNING: The following procedures can and will be dangerous if not done safely. Imports USA will not be held liable for any injuries you may encounter while performing this install. You are on your own when doing this....OR, you can contact us to get this done for you SAFELY!!!)))))

Ok, here we go.....rear with wheel on:

you'll need to start by removing the 14mm bolt pictured and ensure you have a free jack to support it while bolt is off.

next, take the other 14mm bolt off the shock I marked with the arrow below

NOW, before we move to the next step PLEASE make sure that you have a jack underneath supporting the lower arm. The reason is that the spring is still compressed between the body and LCA. So if you remove bolts without supporting it...WELL, read disclaimer up top in RED!! BE CAREFUL with this step fellas....not fun to have a lowered car that looks good with your face looking like it went through 10 rounds with Mike Tyson!

Ok, you'll need to have a little muscle for this step as it will require you to pull down on LCA and whatever is needed to get the spring out.

You'll need to make sure that you keep the lower factory rubber piece for the new springs....DO NOT remove it!! I also marked in BLUEthe rear sway bar. The reason is you'll need to keep an eye on it. It likes to slip just under the LCA and makes it impossible for you to push the LCA up or make sure it stays out of your way when you begin to put things back....nothing major, just something I ran into as a small correctable issue!

Once removed here is what I spoke about in the intro. There is a rubber piece that goes on top of the rear springs that needs to be obtained from an 8th gen civic in order to fit your 9th gen (the one on the right of pic). They will be the only two items you'll need to get aside from the springs.

Once you wedge that new spring into place, jack up the LCA back into place and before putting the bolts in use some antiseize for future ease of removal!!


for removing the shock here is what you do.....behind the rear seat youll find one of these.

In the trunk area, just underneath the spare tire cover you'll find one more to remove.

Once you find those two, pull back on the cover CAREFULLY and you'll see what is pictured below. To remove, just take that 14mm nut off and remove bottom bolt underneath the vehicle. This is simple as heck and should only take a few minutes to put the other shock back in ( whether it be stock, autoparts based or aftermarket performance).


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