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Default not drag, or autox, or road course, *integra*

well i dunno where to post this but putting a couple pics up for my buddy, I helped him swap the motor and wire it up, just took first last again last sunday third one in a row
also two weeks ago went to jackson minn. and took 3rd in there season championship first time ever to there track which is set up way different than ours, we usually ride out second and never shift here in town, but there cory was clocking 90+ on the straights rid'n out 3rd gear, ls trans at 8200rpm (factory pwo ecu limit) we plan to go back with our 4.4 f.d trans correct tire size, and with cory having a little seat time on the track he should do good in the nationals coming up the 25th in minnesota

bone stock hmo-sirII 1990 four door integra, cage out a modified, and a few tricks but really 100 percent stock motor stock trans, stock suspension, stock electronics.
class rules
just thought u might enjoy something different cavi and neon owners are baffled that there ported head 2.2 2.0's get walked on by 1.6

up in jackson the second place guy had a turbo'd dsm that had bolt ons and he was pry 4 car lengths up and a 48 year old driver who has drove on that track for the past 5 years.

cant wait till the 4.4 gsr trans in there with good tires the n/a jdm mobile might get top 3 in nationals.

well thanks for checking out coreys beater teggy

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