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Default Re: help with amp not turning on

Originally Posted by fatboyben View Post
i have had a powerwire get smashed and it stoped working. i replaced it it worked. also make sure all your wires arnt tucked all on the same side of your car that can do some odd things too.
Running all the wires on one side of the vehicle doesnt matter. the only thing it will affect is if you do that on a high frequency setup (4 channel amp) you will get feedback and engine/ground noise.

Originally Posted by DSM4LIFE View Post
your amp should have a light on it, green is where you want it to be, if its red then it has power, if its red, check your ground and your remote wire, make sure its coming off of the soild blue wire from the cd player harness, if no light at all then you have a power problem and check the big fuse and connections
actually, its the blue/white on the back of the radio. solid blue is the power antenna lead.


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