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Default Re: Cv axles or full axles?

Originally Posted by Pancho View Post
Just get full axles.. much easier and a lot faster than repairing them
Definitely worth the cost difference which is only $30 or so. Replacing a CV joint is a pain, you'll need a vise to hold the axle in while you hammer the shit out of it to get the CV off. Then you need to replace the c clip, bash the new CV joint on, grease the living fucking shit out of it and then get those shitty junk clamps the kits come with to work and actually tighten down.

Last time I did one it took a few hours, made a huge mess with geese everywhere, and was just a big pain in the ass. The replacement boot started leaking right away and then I was back where I started.

Changing out for a new axle is worth the slight extra cost, plus works better in my opinion.


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