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Default Re: 95 Accord LX problem! gauges, windows..HELP!

Originally Posted by Dat1BVtecN View Post
All my gauges are out and the windows are stuck. The car drives fine however in every gear.

Rpm and speedometer gauges went out ....then I stopped and put the car in park.....then I turned the car back on and it wouldnt come out of park........i finally pushed in the shift lock key and got it into drive but the gauges were still messed up. Does anyone have any idea of what is causing this problem? Need HELP ASAP!

Checked all fuses under the hood and none are blown. I cant check the fuses under the dash at the moment cause its dark out, no flashlight and not close to home. Any HELP FAST WOULD BE GREAT! Thank you!
My best guess would be Interior fuses, Main Relay, ECU in that order... Or try disconnecting the negative battery cable for 10+ seconds to reset the ecu... I'm no mechanic, but that's where I would start. Let me know what works though... (I learn as I go)


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