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Default Re: My Experience with Wrenches Automotive

Originally Posted by honda494 View Post
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Then spell his name right.

I don't know where to start on this. I can start at the beginning. Wrenches checked out your car and gave you your options to fix it, correct? Locate another complete engine, or get yours rebuilt. They did not want to do the rebuild in-house, correct? So, at that point, you either make the decision to find a good used engine or find a builder that you trust to rebuild your engine for you. You could do neither (no good used engine available and nobody you knew to do a rebuild), so Kelly gave you a name of somebody he felt was qualified to do the work. At that point, this person does not work for Wrenches and was not being paid by Wrenches. So, now you are dealing with two separate entities in your struggle.

At this point, why would Kelly (not affiliated with the engine builder, and only waiting on you to provide an engine so he can complete his work) need to contact the engine builder or check in with him on the progress of your rebuild? I understand you are the customer, but it is in no way his responsibility unless he was paying the builder to do the work. And in this case you were dealing with the builder first hand. Therefore you were also getting the cheapest price available on the work from that person.

As far as what his guys are doing in the shop at a certain time of the day, if as an owner you are not able to multi-task your employees, you will not make any money. So what if they were on the internet doing really who knows what (parts research, tech research, porn surfing), this was told to you by a friend of a friend who was banging dudes sister, but dudes sister was really a tranny. You see where I am going with that. It doesn't really mean shit in the large scope. I mean, Kelly could be a bigger "dick" by never letting anybody past the rubber tiled floor area. That would really make him money, but he lets potential customers see what is going on, and get an understanding of what is really done. Shit, I would charge a minimal fee to talk to Brian or Chad if it takes them away from their work to answer a question. Because their time is money.

I run a small business myself. And while your customer base is everything, 50% of the time the customer isn't right. There is always something flawed in their perception, reasoning or attitude. You have to work with this and make their experience the best possible based on the circumstances. In my situation, I deal with alot of repair service. If we source the parts, and it doesn't fix the problem based on the original diagnosis and estimate, we work from there. If the customer wants to use their own parts based on their own diagnosis, gladly, but if it doesn't fix it, not my problem. You still pay the labor, and we can go from there to find you a better solution to your issue. Which in the long run here, is exactly what Kelly and Wrenches did for you.

I am by no means affiliated with Wrenches in any way. I have known all parties that work there for atleast 8 years. I know what it takes to run a successful store front and business. There will always be problems. It is how you handle the problems. For every100 good experiences, I will hear from the customer about 5% of them. For every bad experience, I will hear 100% of them. so, weigh the good and the bad and work from there. In the long run, the "Thank you for your input. I know how DSM's are but ill take my DSM over a Honda anyday. I got the money to burn." attitude didn't play here. You wanted to go the cheapest route possible. Cheap, fast and applies to everything. With money to burn, you order a good complete engine from a reputable source and you get it to Kelly and your car is back to you late January if the engine came in in good working order.

Moral here, you get what you are paying for, no matter who is involved. Wrenches did what they were paid for.