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Default Re: would you buy these? brake question.

Originally Posted by Montpas View Post
Well, with Ebay stuff sometimes it tends to be a hit or miss. To me I wouldn't do these only because at the price they are at, seems as if there is more Quantity then Quality involved.

I have seen some rotors in the past, that were cross drilled, start developing cracks on some of the holes over time. It is entirely up to you as the consumer to simply look into something better that has been around longer. I personally would try EBC brakes (to name a few) and see about getting their slotted rotors. If you cannot afford them right now then your best bet is to either wait (unless you are running out fast) or just stick to the autoparts higher quality pads. Then all you would need is to resurface the rotors (pricing may be approximately10-12 bucks per rotors) and be done with it until next time.
Then you could save up to get the upgraded ones you feel more comfortable with......

....But in all, it is my just make sure you look into it more and don't try the cheap route...........Your life depends on these!!

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