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Default Re: 2012 Civic SUSPENSION INSTALL

So, at this point you should of remembered each step and reversed it all and are safely done with the rear.......MAKE SURE to torque everything to specs and double check all bolts and nuts are tight or laying around waiting to be

We move on to the front suspension now

.....THIS ONE WILL REQUIRE the use of a spring compressor. If you don't have one I would suggest getting a hold of me for help!! The ones you can buy or rent at the stores are not always safe and can REALLY hurt you and your ego.

We start by removing any clips, brake lines, bolts that are attached to your shock setup. The arrows below will show what all needs to be removed. There won't be much explanation on these other than bolt/nut socket sizes etc.

remove the swaybar end link and make sure not to strip it. use an allen wrench and 14mm ratchet wrench for removal

Once you remove the above mentioned you'll have 2 17mm bolts with 19mm nuts to take off from the shock. Keep in mind the brake assembly will only be held in place by the lower balljoint so as pictured below with red your front LCA and pull assembly away from shock.

Once that is done we move on to the top three bolts holding the shock assembly in...steps below will help you get to the bolts easily without too many issues
once you pop the hood you'll see these little covers....remove them

Then you will see these items I marked....those need to be removed as well (which includes the bolts)

Not pictured above is a small access cover just abovethe third back is located on your wiper cowl.....helps with removing one of the nuts, the other back nut just under the wiper arms will need to be removed with a 14mm ratchet wrench........otherwise you will never get it off. As for the front one a simple socket will do. Make sure to remove the two back nuts first and the easier one LAST!!

Next steps are to be performed by someone with equipment that can help compress the springs. Feel free to stop everything at this point, gimme a call and I can get this step done for you here at the shop!!

Mark your top hat and shock with a line or guide to ensure when removing it all, that everything lines up to where it all was before.

With the spring compressed and components off (such as the 17mm nut up top etc.) All you need to use from the old setup will be pictured below.

The cool thing about the Eibach spring is that when installing it, it is not really required to compress the you can easily put it together. If you intend on bringing it to me though, I can take care of it all at once so installing it will be easier when you get home.

Once all that is done just reverse install and get it all back on and torqued to specs.
Below are the before and after shots.............Hope you enjoyed this thread and happy Wrenching!!


come check us out..............
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