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Default In need of a little help

I'm boosting my NA EJ22e and need a little help/advice/direction on buttoning it up.

So far I have:
TD04L turbo with stock wastegate
Ebay header/uppipe combo
Ebay downpipe
Turbo XS rfl bov

I'm wanting to go 8 psi for now. I have 02 wrx blue injectors (not sure if they'll fit) if I need to up the fuel and will purchase a walbro as well.

My biggest fall back is engine management. I have posted on NASIOC and RS25 but noone wants to answer even though I've searched til my fingers bled and my head hurt. What should I use. I don't wanna go with the safc hack so I'm looking more at piggy back systems.

I also need to know what I missed on my parts list.

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