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Default Re: remote battery kill switch

If the battery has been relocated from its original installed position, a remote mounted kill switch needs to be installed. It needs to be on the rear of the car, and can not be the removable key type. The way it needs to be done for Hondas (yours is a dodge I understand, but should be same), you have to intercept the charge wire from in between the alternator and the underhood fuse box. The cut-off needs to be inline with those so that when the switch is thrown, the 12v running the ECU is gone, and the car shuts down. The best style I have seen for doing this, so that you don't have to run a bunch of heavy wiring back and forth through the car is the one Tony Palo (T1 Race Development) sells. I will post a link when I get home. The work computer is not liking his website right now. I also have the 2010 or 2011 NHRA rulebook, I will take a picture and post the battery section on here for you as well.

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