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Default Re: What did you do to your civic today?

Originally Posted by h22apwrd94 View Post
Gabe, I did all of the modification short of the welding myself. I had Chris (MR2) do the welding for me. Amazing work with the TIG. I cut back to the largest point I could get a section of 2.5" round tubing around it, then took a piece of SS 2.5", heated it as hot as I could and used a 2x4 and 3lb sledge to force it to oval around the shortened collector. After I did that, I again removed some more of the old DC collector and then took it to Chris for the welding. Since this was going on an H2B setup, I needed to remove some radius from the bend in the B-Pipe. The H22 tilts forward when attached to the B-Series trans as compared to when it is mated to an H-Series trans it tilts back. So Chris welded the radiused B-Pipe back together and also welded on my 2.5" collector. From there I was hooking up to a 2.5" Greddy SP system for my coupe. I needed to extend it and put in a flex section since I removed that from the DC. This is where I deceided to go a little more high tech. I had Chris put a V-Band on the end of the header, then terminate both ends of my extension (w/ flex pipe) with V-Bands, as well as terminate the start of the rest of the exhaust with a V-Band. Very solid connection as far as sealing, never have to worry about gaskets and bolts wearing out or getting loose. I would highly recommend it if you have the time and patience.

As far as your setup is concerned, go with the 4-2-1. It will be the better header for your powerband and desired use of the car. When it comes to B-Series headers, go back 10 years in a mag like SCC and look at some dyno shootouts. Should give you a good one to buy.

Mikey - You sure the Greddy SP is 2.5" ID (or OD for that matter)? I thought only Greddy Evo was 2.5". I thought Greddy SP was like Apexi WS2 and is 2.36".


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