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Default Re: What did you do to your civic today?

Originally Posted by Dj Technick View Post
Whats wrong with H2B?
Oil control rings that I got from Race Engineering were not proper size for the JE Pistons that are in it. I had oil burning issues, and that is what it boiled down to. I will be ordering new rings here in the upcoming weeks. After I get those in, it should be going back together.

I just picked up my new daily driver from PA this past weekend. Drove it all the way home (966 miles) on a bad headgasket. I didn't have any overheating issues, and it only used a little bit of oil. Definitely a bad HG though, as I did a compression test this morning, and it read 150/60/30/60 I had a little bit of oil mixing with the coolant that bubbled to the top of the radiator, but other than starting hard, it has not had any issues. I will be starting on the HG today most likely. Should be some fun there. 264,000 miles, original clutch, and on its second timing belt. This car is a champ.


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