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Exclaim Re: OFFICIAL mid-west Mitsubishi/DSM meets thread

Originally Posted by Pancho View Post
Didn't say I was going.. Giving my opinion on those types of meets..
It would not be any different then going to the 515 meets or Ziebart meet etc. Most are over taken by different colored civics and you can't base it off that if that were the case, no one would come to a meet.
That's like saying you won't go to the good guys show because all the cars are old just different colors.

You have to be open minded about these things Pancho and just go to one of them. You'll be surprised how many of these guys are super helpful, kind and cool. Keep in mind I own a Mitsubishi and most of my life I've been in its ok to mingle with other brands. Heck, Matt up top has dealt with firebirds and domestics and look at what he is driving now.......who'd of thought we would ever see that!!

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