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I don't disagree with anyone's opinion but the truth of it all is you know dsm guys are just alike when it comes to bashing. General thing I have always heard is my car makes more power from factory then yours....or you spent that much to make the same power as I have stock....etc.

In no way am I trying to say we shouldn't have dsm meets.....but i for one don't like when shows or meets are separated......sounds like the domestic crowd and their shit. Problem is when peoples mentalities aren't changed and everyone sticks to their guns without an open mind....shit happens. My only wish is to see everyone just get over this whole "I'm better then you shit" or just brush off peoples bullshit opinions.....I do it every time someone asks about my dsm in the shop. Just brush off the comments made and move on....if you know you got a great car show it but don't brag about it...and if you brag about it then you are just the "coolest" in the world.

Only thing I have an issue with is people not having an open mind about everyone's shit...and yes that includes the Honda guys as well. Like pirate said, let them bash all they want because at the end of the day what have they gained from it. It almost makes me feel as if everyone is still stuck in god damn high school and you aren't the cool kid cause you don't drive what they want you to drive.

Take it from someone who has been in the business for a little over 13 years......there is a car faster than someones car everywhere you with it. Look at Cody's (pirate) car........people will bash on his shit day and night all because it is air bagged, body kit fitted and a 420.............does that mean that he should stop what he is doing and jump in the band wagon with everyone. He has a unique look all to his own that many can try but not execute in quality. When I was at the show judging, comments were made around me that I quickly turned into facts...which always makes everyone Facts that most people out there will dissagree with all day long about the 420 but its what they don't know about that will always make them talk. Christ, we had people at the 515 meet bash on my Co Owner Todd's "jdm buggy"..........people saying why he would do shit like that etc. Does anyone in this forum absolutely think he gave a shit about peoples opinions that were meant in a bad way......nope, he is having fun just like I am and wanting to be different. He is also a Honda head just as I am and both of us own a DSM.......his is faster then mine since mine is out of commission until further
As far as car shows go I along with other sponsors such as Pirate have expressed our concern for the judging to Chineda and Allen.......we didn't think it was at all fair and judges from a completely different venue will need to be brought in. "My Buddy" styled judging is never good because friends have other friends that can easily turn the biggest pile into the show stopper..........which I am completely agaisnt.

Look all I am saying is the same shit Pirate said..........form a tight bond and show the hell up to the meets and shows, set your balls aside and only take in the compliments given.....brush the rest of the shit off your shoulder and keep on.

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