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Originally Posted by dalawoi View Post
i dont have a problem with it the 515 meets.. but i dont feel as if its a bad thing to make a meet or two of only dsms.. honda ppl do the same by not letting us dsm ppl come to certain photo shoots and shit.. Ill still always show up to every 515 meet and show I can.. and i know everyone shits on my car cuz its a rattle canned turd right hand drive mirage evo wanna be thing as ive been told many times.. i just feel as if itd be a fun way to get to know more ppl into the same thing and just have a positive conversation rather then hearing ppls shit every where I go.. I keep an open mind toward hondas.. I know im not the most intelligent person either I know im a newb still is the car scene.. but im just sayin wouldnt be bad to have our own lil meets n greets
And again I state the same as I did no point has there been a photoshoot that has stated HONDAS is a shoot for whom ever shows up and most of the guys here won't give a shit who shows as long as they show. Problem again is that everyone still has a high school mentality on both ends....people get too hurt about comments made and others make comments to be assholes.
Again, in no way am I stating anything against doing any of this but it all is starting to sound like all the dsm guys don't want to do anything with anyone because they are afraid to get laughed at or messed with. The world is filled with negative things and it seems the thought process on this and many other forums just add to it.
Dalawoi, you have a unique car that no one around owns and that you are putting time and effort it rough right now, yes......but it is your own unique vehicle. So who gives three shots about what anyone says......haters will always hate no matter what you do. You could take that to Trea and get it to look like a million bucks. People will give you props for making it look good while others will still walk uo and say....should of invested that paint on getting an who or something instead of that turd. See what I mean, haters gonna hate and it won't be just the Honda guys. You also have to keep in mind that these so called Dsm haters also hate on other Hondas as well.....think of them as being racist and just walk away.

Just drives me insane to hear people constantly whine about this shit but yet they make it worst by falling into other peoples shit talking.

Ever heard this phrase:
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