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Default Re: Quality Services from E-Fabrication

I just wanted to give jdmcity an update on what E-FAB has been up to these past months easiest way to keep up with us is on facebook and instagram.

Here is duckys S2000 turbo manifold ive been working on.

Here is a header i rebuilt from the collector down.
This is what it looked like when is came in

after the rebuild

We got some stickers made lol Ill have them at the open house on the 30th thanks ImportUSA

Here is a catch can that fits in the honda battery tray i will try and have these at the open house too but i have alot to finish for the open house.

All of my catch can fittings are welded from the inside to keep a clean look

This is a intake manifold im designing with the help of Rosko Racing for my 81 xj650 turbo bike turbo manifold updates coming soon!!

This is a jig that rosko made for me to weld the injector bungs in straight

If you would like a manifold or anyother fab/welding work done let us know we stock s2k/B/D head flanges T3 outlet flanges 35/38mm inlet/outlet flanges o2 sensor bungs -10 aluminum weld in bungs and can get about every flange/fitting out there.Here is some of are stock


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