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Default Re: Let's improve our forum

Originally Posted by TheMaster View Post
Here's my reply to the meet comments.
Exactly my point on getting things accomplished and having a lot of patience. We try our best to get these put together and not sure if anyone notices how much effort we put into them. In order to keep people in one place you need at least 4 things: main idea (cars), music, food and most importantly YOU GUYS. In the case of Master, he is right......if you can't wait til we get them put together then try it yourself. We go to great lengths to making sure areas we pick are worth our money and time.....which is why we don't like it when someone decides to do a huge extreme burnout, fast pass etc. Leave that stuff for the track because it is essentially the first thing that will get us kicked out of that spot. I mean seriously, I love doing all the too but there is a time and a place for it and at our shows/meets it won't be tolerated.

Anywho, if possible lets move these "meet" comments to the thread the master posted if possible. Do.t like cluttering this thread when it deals with new ways to improve site.



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