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Originally Posted by Tommy View Post
Always satasfied with Rodnie's work, real cool guy!
Thanks Tommy....i'm cool like coolwhip!!! LOL

Originally Posted by duh-kneel View Post
Very helpful person and always giving good advice, directed me to jdmb18hatch and Xclusive.
ps- i need another "Dohc Vtec" sticker for the passenger side!! lol pm me!
I do try......and I wouldn't of sent ya there if they did crap work, thats why I like these two guys....quality work which is what you pay for!! Ya want cheap.....go to ebay, best buy or'll get what you paid for cheap crap.

....and yes I hate all three of those business's when it comes to labor or parts!!!

I'll PM ya when ever I get a chance this week....hopefully I can catch up on things..LOL

Thanks again for the feed back guys.......lets me know I'm doing my job right!!


come check us out..............
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