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Default 96 acura 3.2tl weird oil leak

thought id refresh this acura forum with this tech question...

1996 acura 3.2TL bought the car in january and sit til a week ago yesterday and now my daily driver. yesterday i noticed about a 8" in diameter oil puddle underneath my car after i drove to to work and appeared to be from the back of the engine. moved it to another parking spot and leaved it in drive and running no less then 10 minutes and again 6-8" diameter oil spot on concrete. turned the car off and watched it do about 10-15 drops then and then it wouldnt leak any more... now remind you drove it daily for a week now and had no problems till yesterday. when it sat for those 4 months i didnt start it up or nothin, it just sat. i was told before i bought the car that the engine was all rebuilt new head gaskets upper and lower intake gaskets throttle body gasket.

whos got that million dollar answer for me

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