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I just had the opportunity to do a full compound on my buddy's 07 TL-S before it went under the car cover for the winter. 6 speed, Black on Ivory interior.... SEXY! I've got an 07 Accord EX V6, and coming from that to the TL, not as much of a power difference as I had imagined there would be. The 6 speed is where it's at though, and definitely makes the car feel peppier. Jealous of you gents with your TL's, but I refuse to upgrade!

Here are a few pics of his TL-S. Next up for the TL is Tein S-techs (after seeing my Accord with them, FINALLY convinced him to go that route), Stage 1 exhaust mod (remove 3rd cat and replace with resonator or test pipe), and Aspec lip kit.

Apologies for the mediocrity of the pics, doesn't do the car justice



I'll get some better pics come Spring when he brings the car back out

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