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Exclaim knock sensor code is on 98 civic ex need help!!!!!

allright im here again with another problem after fixing my iacv code for my 98 civic ex and a lil befor this my knock sensor code appeared and wont go away so what i did was checked and diagnoased the problem the first time i looked y it came on my knock sensor was split in half and broken then the second time it came on put a new one in it was gone for a while then i broke that knock sensor also dont know how but it split in half.... maybe a bump or pothole whatever but know i have a good knock sensor in there and the code is still there and wont go away when i replaced it at idle the code didnt appear then i drove like a couple miles and it came on again didnt hit any bumps nothing and its still in tact not split cracked nothing it works just acting like its not working im assuming something is makeing it not work i cant figure it out but i can say i did do a manual swap to my car last year and everything was done right and im running an auto wiring harness so i dont know if u had to switch some wires at the ecu for the knock sensor also cause u do for the iacv but i didnt see changing anything else so i dont know just thought id throw that out there my mechanic says theres probablly a short in the wire my friends think its getting pinched against something and not working i honestley have no clue what it is its my last check engine light and its pissing me off espically the lag i get with acceleration cause the knock sensor isnt working SO IF SOMEONE CAN PLEASE HELP PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHATS WRONG... or if anyone has experinced it before i just cant figure it out........ please and thank you


~ Nick Luna
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