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Default Re: All Mitsu Cookout -- August 27th, 2017 -- Ramsey, MN

I updated the sign up list today. We have 151 officially signed up. The list is at:

Here are the finalized voting categories and the sign up numbers for each class:

90-94 DSM... 11
95-99 DSM... 19
00-05 Eclipse... 8
06-12 Eclipse... 11
91-93 3/S... 7
94-99 3/S... 15
Evo I to IX... 19
EVO X... 18
09+ Ralliarts... 8
08+ Lancers... 11
Galants... 8
Starion/Conquest... 9
Other Mitsus... 6

Here are some reminders:

1) Sign-up online. The page is at:

2) Fill out your car sign ahead of time. It saves a lot of time in the registration line. Download the sign at:

And my example sign can be found here:

3) Bring some lawn chairs for hanging out and bring your appetite! We'll have plenty of food.

Also, if you are just coming to spectate, spectator cars (non Mitsus) will have parking lot next to the main lot.

Its only $5 for you and your car to be in the show and eat. Why not make the trip out to Ramsey Central Park!

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