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Default Re: Sound system help??

Originally Posted by Bmwz389 View Post
Did you ever decide on a solution?

I used to build sound systems for customers and have ran many in my own vehicles.

When talking about Voice Coils - either SVC or DVC, the main difference in itself is the amount of wiring sequences you can have.

Think of it this way, with a SVC at 4 Ohms, you only have an option to run 4 Ohms. This would require you to have an amplifier that runs 4 Ohm output on a single channel, or a 2 channel at 8 ohms per channel. That's where monoblocks really come into play. HOWEVER, Mono (Class D) can be used in any case as long as they are wired in succession on one channel, matching the specifications of the subwoofer.

Take DVC. You've got a single DVC subwoffer at 4 ohms. You can either bridge or wire in parallel to obtain either 2 Ohm or 8 Ohm. This will give you a range of options as far as amplifier selection.

I've always ran DVC when running more than one subwoofer, as a lot of high power amplifiers are 1 Ohm stable. Two 2 Ohm subwoofers can wire into 1 Ohm.

There is no difference in power OUTPUT between DVC and SVC, if they are the same subwoofer. Only difference is output wiring.

If I were you, I'd stick with a Mono D Class, around 4 Ohms with a SVC sub, no need to complicate a basic setup.

As far as opinions on brand, i always favor Kicker. Pioneer has gotten better. Alpine is still on par with what they used to be, albeit get their higher end systems.

Anything else, just let me know!

- Brandon
Sorry for the late reply, I have not gotten a solution yet. I am more of a Pioneer guy. something about their quality i have always enjoyed, in my opinion.

I, although, have not tried their subs and amplifier at all, but have seen great review from others in other sites.

I've been looking on for quality and endurance, and not to forget customers review. What I'm looking for is a mono block amplifier running a single 10" sub in a enclosure box.

Here are links from what I'm looking at for my system:
Selections on subwoofers:

And here are the selections of mono blocks:

The box I'd like to do for it:

One more thing, if i were to run any of these choices, what size of wire is should be using in order to have a perfect set up?

Thanks Brandon so much for your information and your time to help out.
hope this gives an idea of what I'm trying to do and maybe good information for others

Let me know what are your thoughts and opinions

Thanks again!


Originally Posted by cdcEGcivic View Post
bro u gotta leave that shit out. weight stage cuzzzz' lmao just kiddin. hell im pullin the 10 inch alpine outta my foxbody and puttin it in my teg. why the hell not! lol what did ya end up going with?
Nah lol It shouldn't be a weight issue anyways DO IT!! shot some pics of your set


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