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Default Re: What other manufacturer is there?

Originally Posted by Pandaimpreza View Post
Suzuki. Hyundai. Datsun.
Datsun is american. When Nissan first entered the american market in the 50's, they did not want to carry over their name, in case they failed. It would make them look bad, and the negative effects could transition back over seas, so until ~1978/79 when they pretty much owned the sports car market because of the huge sucess of the 240/260/280Z (S30)they remained under the psudonym Datsun.

then with the introduction of the 280ZX (s130) they used the NISSAN tag as the performance side of the company, like AMG and RUF are to Mercedes and Porsche respectively. then with the introduction of the Z31 300ZX they started using the Nissan name full time (in the sports car market) and Datsun was no more.

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