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Default Re: [*diy*] ek9 honda civic side marker install.

A couple things:

1. Cover the entire fender area with with paper/tape. This helps when you lose control of the dremel. Trust me it will happen.

2. Always anchor your hand against the car before pressing in with the dremel, so you don't lose control.

3. Be patient!!!! Go slowly and remember to anchor.

4. The guide here says 155mm, but I'm pretty sure it's actually 125mm. Look at the picture, it lines up with the top of the wheel well. Just make sure yours lines up with the top of the well too.

5. Don't force the light in there or you'll bend the fender. Just be patient and widen the hole.

6. The car paint might peel so watch out for it and remove any tape around the hole slowly.


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