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Default Re: ls/vtec in crx, brainstorm

Originally Posted by TheMaster View Post
You're making this waaaaayyyy more difficult then it is. Now I understand where all these super fucked up wire harness setups come from in Hondas.

Here is what you do, you put the head on, then use your stock obd0 harness. You'll need to buy a jumper harness for your distributor wiring, make a jumper, or cut the obd2 plugs off the distributor and wire the obd0 plugs on it. You'll also need to get an ECU jumper harness going from obd0 to obd1. (the reason for obd1 on the ecu is the obd1 ecu's are the ones you can chip)

Then since the obd2 injectors are Saturated you'll either need to get some Peak and Hold injectors or change your wiring removing the resistor box. If you're not good at all with wiring just get some peak and hold injectors it's wwaaaayyyy easier and less complicated that way.

Now to finish things up you'll need to get some sort of tuneable ecu and get a tune.

The great thing is, you don't have to do anything crazy and all of your gauges will work!!! No crazy wiring is needed either! Isn't it wonderful?
This is all much easier than he makes it sound, and makes it so you can have a PROPER TUNE on your non-standard engine setup.

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