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Default Re: ls/vtec in crx, brainstorm

Originally Posted by NikkyT View Post
how am i making it difficult? that seems a little more difficult, considering i have a full obd0 harness, dizzy, alt, and pr4 ecu on the car, my question is to slap the head on, using all obd2 harness, dizzy, alt, p73 ecu. that would be requiring no resistor box replace or injector wiring or tune. seems a little easier to me.
Do you have any idea how much work it would require to to put an obd2 harness in that car? You gotta remember the ecu plugs are on the body harness and not on the engine harness. So right there it would require that you rewire lets say 50 connections or so... Then on top of that you would still need a jumper harness for the obd2 ecu, then you need to add a second 02 sensor to your car, and add a knock sensor to your motor somehow. That would just be an absolute nightmare trying to use an OBD2 harness.

Seriously read my first reply again. Super easy, fuck you don't even have to do any wiring (well except for the 3 vtec wires) if you don't want to, rywire sells distributor jumper harnesses and ecu jumper harnesses. Then all you need to do is buy a chipped obd1 ecu, and some peak and hold injectors. From there everything is literally "plug and play"

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