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Default Re: ls/vtec in crx, brainstorm

honestly I would just get custom harness.

It should not cost more than $315 for one. I know cause I have one.
milspec wiring, loom, lables, new oem pin/crimps, oem clips, YOU WILL still have to get a obd0 to obd1 jumper harness because fucken EF wiring setup is goofy,

covert to OBD1
tuck harness + mesh loom + labeled connectors

(you STILL have to USE / provide me a obd0 to obd1 jumper)
EF/DA are goofy because they have the shock tower plugs which has mixed wiring of engine sensors & FRONT chassie sensors/connectors. So when I make this harness it's designed to plug and play to the shock tower plus too.

notice the yellow connector at the top of image, that plugs into the EF chassie. (eg/ek/dc don't have these)
Bottom of picture you see a big black & green connector, that also needs to plug into the ef chassie (eg/ek/dc don't have these)
then you see the 3 ecu obd1 connectors (gray) that plugs direct into your OBD1 ecu.
Your "obd0 to obd1" JUMPER harness is intergrated into my single harness.

Does that make sense?

Now if you don't want to RUN ANY signals, wiring to any thing else in your car then SURE, all you need is a wiring harness from engine direct to ECU (and a few extra wiring to fuse box)...



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