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Default Re: ls/vtec in crx, brainstorm

I literally did all of this about 6 months ago. Albeit, mine was in a DA, not a CRX, so i didn't have to worry about injectors. That will be your "hardest" part of the swap.

This has been done so many times there are multiple companies that sell conversion harnesses.

DA's are OBD-0, similar to your CRX. I did a Rywire OBD-0 to OBD-1 conversion harness and repinned my distributor back to OBD-0 on both sides.

Then run the 3 wires for VTEC and boom baby go, you have a fully funtional motor, as long as you didn't jank it up and not run auto fans and things like that.

^^^ This has so much information in it I shit vtec material for a week.

That should help a little bit. I cannot help with the injector wiring though.

GL bud.

- Brandon


I want your DA parts! LS/V high compression build in progress.
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