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Default Re: account activation

Originally Posted by importsusa View Post
i will simplify and can only hope you won't go post crazy after I do. Reason is because you only have 11 posts as of now. You need to have invested some time and posts (25) to be able to post anything for sale. NOW, this in no way means you are going to post on every thread you can find to gain your post count. That is basically called post whoring and you will get infractions or banned from the forum.

Just be social and don't go crazy posting on old threads etc. If you have a car you are working on and pictures of what you've done, post it......but NOT FOR SALE or it will get closed. Remember, to join a forum requires you meet people and talk as if you were in a car meet or show. Just posting crap all over the board, to get post count up and whatever you are trying to sell, will not ensure you will sell it any quicker. People on this site and many around are starting to get hesistant about fraud and people out of the blue selling stuff without knowing a little background on them.
I seriously dislike the 25 posts rule lol but its understand able annoying as it maybe but it sucks for those people that are serious about it..

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