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Default JordanTuned- 07 Subaru Outback XT

**** This is my cousin's car which we had tuned last weekend at MAP with Jordan

Vehicle: Outback XT
Trans: manual
turbo: stock VF46
clutch: stock
fuel: stock

  • -ERZ bell mouth catted downpipe
  • -stock mid and Y pipes
  • -AVO rear Outback Mufflers
  • -K&N Typhoon intake
  • -Grimmspeed EBCS
  • -stock bov
  • -Cobb Access Port

Goal: 240hp @18lbs of boost

Once the Outback was strapped, Jordan stayed focused and continued to dail in the Outback.

First pull was pretty surprising at 271hp 28Xtq.
Through out the evening, the Outback only got better.

Tuning went pretty smooth the first half but we eventually ran into some problems.
The car threw a throttle code which wouldn't let you accelerate. Then the car wasn't holding boost and Jordan had problem shoot it before we could start the tune the second half. Jordan did a pressure test and found out that I had a bunch of air leak from my pipings.

Jordan remained focused and patient while dealing with the Outback. The tune took 18-20pulls. Since the Outback had SI drive, Jordan tuned on all 3 modes to make sure the Outback was running correctly. Jordan also stands behind his work and stated that if anything goes wrong with the Outback or if I threw any codes, bring it back to him and he'll take care of it and smooth it out.

the final results was 284 hp, 301 torque @15.75 lbs of boost.

Jordan and Charlie also took me on a tour of MAP's facility:


CNC Werx
Jordan Tuned
Rocket Motorsports
Modern Automotive Performance
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