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Default Re: rsx suspension questions

Originally Posted by eirek4 View Post
ok so I have had these tein springs on the rsx for about 3 weeks now. 1.4 inch rear drop.. and rockin stock struts still.. I have noticed when i make a sharp turn to the left I hear a knocking from the passenger rear strut assembly or if I hit a huge bump on that side its the same.. I never hear this from the driver side.. any ideas?

also what is a good adjustable strut for these bad boys.. I have read the koni yellows are great but not sure I want koni struts!!
any advise would be appreciated

ya the stock struts on our chasiss suck!! maybe the rear right strut tower wasnt tightened all the way and its poping on a thread. i remember it was hard as hell to get in there and tightn it. i dont know i could be wrong about that tho....
i cant remember if i did that part or not i might of tighten it down but maybe it still has a couple of turns on one of them or somthing. it cuts your hand all up in there if i remember right. i hope we get some good imput on this.

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