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Default Re: rsx suspension questions

stock struts with the tein springs. When you decompressed the spring assembly there were grooves at the end of the springs. The should be placed directly in so that it fits nice and firm. Which im sure that you did right but did you also cut the bump stopper in half when assembling the struts back on? The whole clunking noise is a common problem for dc5's. If nothing seems wrong with performance you may be fine. Ive seen this problem happen with a few friends in there rsx's and it eventually went away. hope any of that helps. btw with aftermarket struts. <-- i suggest getting a full damper setup. When you buy aftermarket struts you have to drill through the fronts and assemble the new ones with parts from your stock mcpherson struts. <---also a pain in the ass. All cheapo coilover setups are also junk when matched with the dc5 chassis, id suggest going for progress coilovers or buddyclub N+'s, or even function and form type 2 type 2's which arent released for us yet. Progress coils are hard to get nowadays on clubrsx because each set is built but these are the setups that id go with honestly. Its for your girls ride right sir?

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