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Default Re: Moderator Issues

Andrew, well put. The only thing that irked me was the fact that it was a thread about stolen things and people who steal. I was just warning those people that stuff like that can bite you in the end. Granted Chas has much more insider info on this than anyone else on the board, so that is an exception. I was just trying to look out for the well being of the forum users and the forum itself. I thought that was the most reasonable place to put the post I didn't think it'd be appropriate for it's own thread.

Isn't the object ever every thread, minus the B.S. Thread not to clutter it up? What makes the Stolen Parts thread different than any other on on JDMCity?

Without a doubt this is the best import forum around, it'd be a bummer to have the 5.0 step in, and trust me, it does happen. Also, remember .com? The Failboat not only set sail, but sank due to poor moderation. Just trying to help out.

On a side note, how can you not expect us to celebrate when jackers get caught?

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