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Originally Posted by WHOMIKEJOBES
ok dat i dont really want to start this either but im going to have to ...pretty much because i think it is funny as hell to argue with you ..
dat you have the coooolest car on here because u have a swap in a civic (and you dont want to tell people what it is)Mr SECRET is what im going to call you real racers compare their shit so they have a good race ..dat i think you have soo many wins because u race people you can beat...dat im sure if i had the money that your family had i would have a super crazy fast car too but most people dont i finally got what i wanted and im proud of it!
how did i get punked by everone in your crew?
lets see i beat you with my civic we we both had single's .....
i raced alvin on 9th with my civic when all you guys were in rickys accord behind alvin saying "race that mike you'll get smoked" so i raced him for the fuck of it and won .man did i love the look on your guys's face when i took him off the line the good days...
by the way the only reason i lost to tony was the LS tranny ...i know that puts a big damper on my swap and so does tony. i lost by "1" car with my as dat quotes it "STOCK GS-R SWAP" dat i know what tony has we compared after the race and there was no shit talkin no nothin. he respects what i have and i do the same for him. i have the most respect for him because he doesnt start bullshit shit talkin.we raced and then talked about the cars thats what im in it for not the fighting over who has the fastet car..
where the hell was i during all of this

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