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Default Re: The Official Integra Picture Thread

hahaha, okay MIKE, try racing a 2001 Camaro SS or LS/VTEC Turbo(Bill Jones), or better yet a 04 Sti, or go race Dustin with his EP3 and K20R swap. The only reason i always give you shit is that you wont admit to anyone the i can beat you. I dont have money, you dont know anything. I just know what to do and how to do it. And u beating Alvin?!?! omg you such a funni guy. and our civics with EX motors in them, haha okay if you wanna make and excuse why u lose to people because u have an LS tranny, I lost to you in our civics because i had i/e. You had i/h/e and some other shit. Then we went at a stop and i smoked you by like 1 1/2 cars and you almost got hit by that semi , but o well since this is and Integra picture thread here are some teasers for ya


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