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Default Re: New things for 2013!

Well, I know I suggested this along with other folks (theLaser just did recently as well) but if there was some kind of a premade template that was incorporated in the for sale threads, it would likely solve a few issues. A lot of people I hate to say are SUPER lazy and don't like copying/pasting items of this would help them HAVE to do it. Unfortunately I know that with vbulletin you've had things you can and absolutely cannot do....but this would be a start.
Also, not sure what features the program comes with but would be nice if new members received a short PM where it shows links to "FAQ's" so that we don't have useless threads about "why can't I post for sale items" or "why do we need a 25 post count ".

I've stated to people in the past that this isn't Craigslist and it would be nice to add to that PM something in regards to that. Let them know that this is just like other forums out there and we are all trying to keep it as a community of enthusiasts. Yes we run into a ton of issues with members or mods being too overly passionate about the rules and guidelines give things structure and without them it would be constant fighting....which as we all know will never stop.

I agree with one of Luis's suggestions made awhile back which dealt with Mods closing for sale threads if no info is provided.....why? Because as many have stated, if you have time to make a thread then you have had time to prepare for it....meaning pictures have been taken, product info is on point and you are ready to put it out there. Seriously though, would you go to an interview without a resume and tell your future boss you'll give him a resume later? If people are doing shit on their phone there should be some sort of blocking done so they can take the time and do it at home......or figure out some sort of an app (like eBay has) that can help you post all for sale stuff via a phone app template.

Just a few suggestions and rants about issues I am seeing.....we need more structure and for mods to be a little more strict....not Nazi strict (lol)....just enforce rules a little more so we aren't all going off topics etc. I am sure it'll be annoying to those out there who don't like rules but hey....tough shit!

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