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Default Re: New things for 2013!

Originally Posted by importsusa View Post
Well, I know I suggested this along with other folks (theLaser just did recently as well) but if there was some kind of a premade template that was incorporated in the for sale threads, it would likely solve a few issues. A lot of people I hate to say are SUPER lazy and don't like copying/pasting items of this would help them HAVE to do it. Unfortunately I know that with vbulletin you've had things you can and absolutely cannot do....but this would be a start.
Also, not sure what features the program comes with but would be nice if new members received a short PM where it shows links to "FAQ's" so that we don't have useless threads about "why can't I post for sale items" or "why do we need a 25 post count ".

I've stated to people in the past that this isn't Craigslist and it would be nice to add to that PM something in regards to that. Let them know that this is just like other forums out there and we are all trying to keep it as a community of enthusiasts. Yes we run into a ton of issues with members or mods being too overly passionate about the rules and guidelines give things structure and without them it would be constant fighting....which as we all know will never stop.
^^I have to agree with you Rodnie. However, the problem with today's society is that people are too lazy, even more lazy than in the past, from what I've seen. I really fear for the future. Kids growing up with the Internet, Facebook, smartphones, etc.--online access on the palm of their hands and on the go. We take it for granted that we have the option to copy and paste something on the computer.

I think I've added an auto-PM to new registered users sometime early 2012. The message is as follows:

Originally Posted by handa
Thanks for registering at JDMCITY.COM! Please take a moment to read our forum rules, guidelines, and FAQ before posting:

If you would like to post in the Marketplace Forum, please read the rules and guidelines before posting:

We are glad you have chosen to be a part of our community and we hope you enjoy your stay.

All the best,
The Admin
Even with this introduction PM in place, I get PMs asking "why can't I post in this forum?", etc. This issue starts or lies within the people themselves.

Originally Posted by 99eclipse View Post
All buuld threads in one section, an maybe a call out thread would b interesting,
^^ I think the Technical Forum is a bit of a gray area. I am definitely rearranging that section of the forum to optimize activity.

Originally Posted by Iowan82 View Post
Also side note a better app would be nice. And a recognition place for rides? Or a "My Garage" where people can post pictures of there rides and people can simply rate (not comment) the rides and have a "rated winner" each week or month or whenever your not feeling lazy haha
Just suggestion
^^Yes, the "My Garage" sounds fun for the forum. Although, I would be against hosting images on the site though because there are places for that. Maybe linking to images on other sources is more reasonable.

Originally Posted by importsusa View Post
Something else i wanted to elaborate on deals with Deleted Threads. The mods should be able to delete a thread and issue a PM to the newbie with information I stated above. If they redo the thread or get pissy...give them a warning.....anything further they can put them on a "time out" This will help unclutter the MANY threads we have about the same thing and hopefully establish a little more order. Seems people like to play that whole (I'm GOD LIKE) and try to dominate the site as if they owned it.

Also, (this is for Handa)....are you guys able to delete/ban multiple single person acounts via their IP address as opposed to what they use for their email address? answer when you can
^^The mods have been doing just this. I've seen threads closed, deleted, etc. due to people not following rules or threads getting off topic. Mods have given warnings and also infractions, and even banned users.

We are able to ban via IP addresses--also look up IP addresses and usernames that use them (e.g. the case of Nick Griffin). By banning that IP, we ban anyone using that IP address. Only admins are able to do that at the moment--I may give this privilege to moderators this 2013 and on. The problem with IP addresses is that they are ever changing. Also, people may be using this site at public places and banning IP addresses for those location would deem useless.

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