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Default double motor size say....whaaaaaat

so ive had this truck for about 4 years now and it started as a 2.2 from the factory bought it with a 305 and junk trany and mounts so we found a tranny for it went with a 350th and it blew or somethings so went with the 700r4. its sits in the garage all winter so i got crazy and doubled the stock motor size and im droping a 350 rv cam and 400 heads in her so on to the pictures

truck this summer

silly little 305 get outta there

ill take off anything in the way

lets get going

bye bye 305

polished frame anyone

tranny that hopefully holds

headmens for the s10 v8 swap

sup 350

your going on

wheels weld race wheels
thats all for now lmk what you guys think:thumbsdow:

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